Thursday, 29 March 2012

John Dalli EU Commissioner - The Daewoo Scandal

Published on this site are some of the many newspaper articles from the Maltese press connecting EU Commissioner John Dalli to the Anonymous Letters Scandal and the Daewoo scandal. This was the biggest known fraud case in Maltese contemporary history.

Despite the political pressure from the Labour Party, the Maltese press and other bodies for an investigation the scandal was covered up. Millions of Euros were defrauded from the Bank of Valletta and company debtors and creditors. This affected approximately 1, 500 clients who bought their cars on HP from Universal Commerce Agency /Daewoo Malta Ltd.

The clients were defrauded of Lm1.5 million (€3.5 million approximately). The Bank of Valletta covered up the amount that had to be written off. It seems to be impossible that so many people and a financial institution were defrauded and it was well covered up by the Prime Minister of the time Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami, the police and EC Commissioner John Dalli.

The Bank of Valletta never published the total amount that had to be written off despite  pressure from shareholders, the press and the Labour Party.


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